Just Peachy


The time has arrived again.  My favorite food time of the year.  Peach season.  There is nothing that ignites more excitement in my taste buds than those handheld orbs of deliciousness.  We are extremely fortunate that my in-laws have a beautiful peach tree on their property that has produced a record number of peaches this year.

So, it has been all things peaches in these parts, my favorite of all being peach pie.  If you are interested in my Grandma Dit’s peach pie recipe, you can find it here.  Enjoy!

IMG_3601 IMG_3606

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6 Responses to Just Peachy

  1. jonie zanocco says:

    Grandma Dit is smiling ….

  2. Mimi Bannon says:

    I have some great peach pie memories, too. I think this fruit stirs up good memories because you never forget when you’ve eaten a perfect peach! Couple that with someone you love’s homemade touch (I believe it’s love) in creating a pie (or cobbler, etc.) and voila! Beautiful memories. Where do you buy your peaches locally? Your post prompted me to make a great pie!

    • We buy our peaches from the Van Laar Fruit Farm. They are at the Edgebrook and Beloit Farmer’s Markets. I was just at their farm recently, and I know they are expecting to have a good peach crop again this year, but I’m just not sure when they will have them at market.

  3. Mimi Bannon says:

    Thanks! One other thing Jaime. It’s none of my business, but are you archiving this blog somewhere? What a treasure it will be to your girls one day. 🙂

    • I have actually been thinking about that lately. I am constantly learning in this blog space, and I am not even sure how to go about archiving it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Mimi Bannon says:

    I’ve never tried this but you might want to check into this blog saving website:


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