Can It Be?

Way, way back in the winter months, my first post on this blog contained a picture of a fig tree I received for Christmas from my sister-in-law.  She is from California where she grew up growing figs in her backyard.

I have never had fresh figs in my life.  They are just not readily available in northern Illinois.  My lone experience with figs is in the filling of my grandma’s (and now my) Italian fig cookies.  But the figs used in this recipe are dried.

When I received my tiny fig tree it was only a twig standing upright in a small pot.  And I was told I had to keep it alive inside until I could transition it to the outdoors in summer.  Now, if truth be told, I have never been able to keep a plant alive inside.  Ever.  So, this was a tall order for me.

I pulled through all winter long, transplanted the tiny plant that grew a few leaves indoor during the winter months, and have been tending to it each and every day.

This morning I was startled to discover…I can’t believe it, but it may be true…I do believe there is the beginnings of a tiny fig forming on the tree…In Rockford, Illinois…Zone 4!

One thought on “Can It Be?

  1. WOW……there is hope!!! That is amazing! Those fig cookies are my favorites…I shall be waiting them after your figs mature!

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