Garden Update

We at the Fagan abode have been out in the garden a great deal the past few weeks, and I must say it is starting to feel like we are actually getting somewhere!  My hubby got out a couple of weeks ago and planted our beets:  Chioggia and Early Blood Turnip.  Last week I planted the rest of our greens:  Lacinato Kale, Silverbeet Swiss Chard, and Georgia Southern Collards.  And my five year old planted carrots:  Dragon and St. Valery.

This past weekend, while my husband had the girls up in Wisconsin fishing, I planted my annuals in my herb garden:  Grandma Einck’s Dill and Genovese Basil (this I had started indoors back in February).  I then added Amish Snap Peas and our beans:  Bountiful, Burpee’s Stringless, Dragon’s Tongue (my girls’ favorite because of the purple stripes), Pencil Pod Golden Wax and Royalty Purple Pod.  And while I was at it I threw in my Black Beauty Zucchini. (I’m hoping these will do alright since it is not quite past our last frost date.)

Then yesterday we escaped to the farmer’s market for a while, and the girls each bought a basil plant of their own with the money they have been saving since Christmas.  They were even lucky enough to get a planting lesson from the farmer who sold them the basil.  This is why I LOVE market…The direct interaction with the farmer.  So, so, so much can be learned!

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