It is at this time of year, when the temperatures begin to rise, that the excitement begins to build inside me because it is nearing the time of year when we can again voyage out beyond the confines of our neighborhood…and walk.

I would have to say that one of my favorite activities, and that of my girls as well, is walking to the places we need to go.  My eldest daughter goes to school about six miles away, which makes it unfeasible for a walk to school in the morning.  But with summer approaching and the temperatures increasing, we are able to get to the point in the year when the girls and I can walk everywhere.  I think that is one reason I am so excited for school to be out.  We literally never have to drive unless we want to.

We are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood situated right in the middle of some of the major roads in our city, and that means we are within one to two miles of anything and everything we need or want to do.  If we walk a little over a mile and a half in one direction we can patron one of the local farmer’s market, visit my dad’s hardware store, and pop in a local teacher supply store for some fun activities and project materials.  If we walk a bit over a mile in the other direction we can buy fabric, visit a bookstore, rent a movie for Friday night movie night, and now with the addition of a new grocery store we can also buy any needed groceries!

This new grocery store is what got the girls going this week.  They wanted to explore the opportunities this new establishment held for them. And, my five year old wanted to make freshly squeezed lemonade.

So with tiny wallet in hand, she headed out the door to begin our quest for lemons.  She even volunteered to push her sister in the stroller…She really wanted to make that lemonade I tell ya 🙂

After a fun afternoon of walking, chatting and fresh air, we pushed off toward home and indulged in some lemonade courtesy of our five year old chef.  And I must say, it was pretty yummy!

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