Have you ever peered into your cupboard to find nothing inspiring to bring to the dinner table?  Can you imagine being in such a situation and then realizing you are able to literally go into your very own backyard to find it brimming with life, just waiting to be consumed on your dinner plate?  I’m not talking about your annual vegetable garden here.  I am referring to those plants that are often viewed by mainstream culture as being a nuisance, something that needs to be sprayed, pulled, or plundered so that our lawns and backyards can look “good.”

I have recently been reading up a bit on backyard foraging.  I gained inspiration from this blog, The Rhythm of Family, and Many Paths, One Journey to Health for simple recipes that incorporate those bits of vegetation that almost anyone can find in their very own backyards!

**A note:  You must be sure that you are only foraging in an area that you know for sure has not been sprayed with weed killers, insecticides, etc.  We stick to our own yard only.  I don’t even let the girls pick those edibles near the road way, just in case some “yucky stuff” made its way to the plants via a passerby.

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