So much of being a parent is a balancing act.  Each of us who takes on this role knows that in order to be a parent you must find some sort of equal platform between all aspects of life:  between wife/husband and parent, between house chores and playing, between health and the occasional treat.  These past few weeks I have found myself trying to find this level ground between work and keeping my home as I have been for the past three and a half years.  I am not a stranger to working as a teacher while also playing the role of wife, mother and homemaker.  I just need to find that place again.

I truly believe that balance is within my grasp, getting closer each day, and hopefully soon I will find myself in a new rhythm of life that will guide me through these newly forming roles.  Until that time, I will just keep inching forward, as best I can, searching for harmony between wife, mother, homemaker and teacher.

Thank you for continuing to visit this space, and taking this new journey with me.  And great thanks for your kind words of encouragement on this space and outside of it.

May each of you find balance as you move throughout your week.  


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