Breaking Ground

After much anticipation, last week we began work on our school garden!  Today I am thrilled to take you on a quick tour of our progress thus far.  So strap on your garden boots, here we go…

IMG_1452IMG_1453 IMG_1666 IMG_1673 IMG_1674

Garden Progress 2 Garden Progress 1We have a bit of structural work to complete this week because we are hosting a  “School Garden Kick-Off Festival” on Sunday, where there will be garden tours, local farmers and a chef…oh my!  We then hope to get the kids planting next week.  I cannot wait!

3 thoughts on “Breaking Ground

  1. Will all of the classes take turns weeding and watering the garden? Is your family in charge or will many families take part in sustaining it over the summer? I can’t think of a better project then when students develop a working knowledge and an appreciation for the steps involved in bringing food to their tables! Bravo 🙂

    • Families will volunteer their time over the summer for watering, and then we plan to have open work days on Sundays after Mass where anyone can come and help my family and I weed and harvest. We will be donating a lot of the summer produce to the food pantry. Junior high students at the school need to earn service hours, so this is a nice way for them to do it. I am really looking foward to the whole experience!

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