Please Pass the Butter


Butter.  Who doesn’t love its creamy sweetness, with the hint of salt, as it melts over a hot roll or freshly baked muffin?

During my substitute teaching stitch, my oldest daughter and I had to leave the house quite early, and our normal routine of homemade granola or pancakes for breakfast was not really a feasible option.  We needed something fast, easy and delish.

So on Sunday afternoon, I whipped up a batch of muffins (I used this recipe). Then I froze the muffins so that I could pull out two the night before, allow them to defrost overnight, and then we had yummy muffins to eat in the car on our way to school.  But what is a good muffin without butter?

This is quite possibly the easiest way to make homemade butter.  Think elementary school when we all took turns shaking a baby food jar filled with cream until the butter formed.  Same idea.


Simply pour some whipping cream in a glass bowl, and then mix it on high with an elective mixer.


You need to beat it past the point of whipped cream phase.  You will start to notice a separation in the mixture.


Once there is a clear separation between the butter solids and watery substance, place the butter in a fine mesh strainer or in butter muslin until all of the moisture has been drained.


I like to then mix in a bit of salt.  And you are set to go!

Be sure to keep your homemade butter in a sealed glass container in your fridge.  It will stay good for about 5 days.


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