It has come to my attention as of late, that my blog sometimes leaves moms feeling inadequate in their role as parent.  Please know, this has never been my intention.

Two and a half years ago, when I made the enormous leap to leave my paying job and stay home with my little ones, I was met with reactions that I never expected.  People flooded me with questions like, “Why would you want to just stay home?” and “What on earth will you do all day when you are sitting at home?” and “Why would you want to leave a career you have worked so hard for, and invested so many educational hours and dollars.”  This reaction sent me reeling for a very long time.

Then, as I stated in my “About” page, once I took the step and was enjoying my time home with my daughters, I still felt a sense of isolation because I didn’t feel as if I fit in with many of the moms I came into contact with.  It was at this time that I leaned heavily upon the holistic-momma-type blogs that I regularly follow, for the support I needed to get through the day to day that we all know can seem so very long sometimes.

I then decided to create a space of my own, right here, where other moms like me could go for crafty ideas, recipes, or just plan ole mommy support.  My sincere intention was, and still is, to simply put forth musings that may be useful to others.  And please do remember, this space is offering just that, musings. This is not, by any means, a minute by minute account of my life.  You may see a sewing project I just completed, but you don’t see the enormous pile of laundry that has been sitting in front of my Christmas tree for over a week now, so that I could complete that sewing project.  (I have included a picture of this now for your enjoyment 🙂 )  You may see a yummy home-cooked meal I prepared on a Monday night, but you don’t see me serving up popcorn, apples and cheese for dinner on a Friday night as we rush out the door for a tumbling lesson.  My point being, we are all human, and no one is super woman.  At least I’ve never met her.  We are all just trying to do the best we can for the little people God blessed us with.

And through this space, conversations have been opened up and valuable discussion has flourish in the waiting room of my daughters’ dance school, and in the parking lot of their preschool.  This blog has helped me to realize I am not alone in many of the decisions I make, and there are many people, right here in my very own community, who are trying to live a more conscious lifestyle in which they try to dig deeper and live more closely to the earth.  And I am so very grateful for each and every one of you who visit my blog daily, and for those that just stop by every once in awhile.   All of you have sincerely helped me to feel better in my own skin, and for that I am eternally thankful.

5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think you are an awesome mom, daughter, sister & friend to many and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. In no way EVER have I felt you were the perfect being….although you are very special!!! Keep up the great work and don’t ever let people change the way you are 🙂

  2. You’re doing an amazing job raising your children and maintaining an organized, healthy household for your family. You will look back and be proud of all the things you have accomplished in this short time of your little ones lives. You have, without a doubt, made lasting memories and given them a foundation best provided by a caring mother and father. The time flies by so quickly, enjoy! Then, when they are ready to set off into the world on their own, you will be ready to return to your career outside the house.

  3. Almost every blogging Mama I know struggles with exactly this. I certainly do. Do you write about your crappy days and failures? If you do will it seem like you’re complaining? If you don’t will readers think you’re someone you’re not? It’s tough.

    I’ve taken a lot of flack for leaving my job to be at home full time too, I think most women who leave work do, unfortunately; we’re so lucky to have each other to lean on here.

    Don’t sweat it. Write about what makes you happy, write your truth and we hear it in your voice.


  4. I think that being a mom is just hard, no matter if you decide to work or stay at home. I get just the opposite reaction from some people where I feel that they are looking down upon me that I am not as loving of a mother because I have decided to continue working full time after having kids. You definitely inspire me Jaime with the things you post on here. It is frustrating at times because I do feel it is hard to balance working with all of the other things I would love to be able to do at home. But I think like you said, even if I were home more there would still not ever be enough time in the day to be the perfect mom and do everything you want to do. Looking forward to seeing your family at the holidays!

    • Thank you to everyone for your wonderful and heart-felt comments. I was honestly feeling a bit nervous about putting these particular thoughts out there, and now I am so glad I did. This discussion has just further proved to me how amazing these types of blog spaces can be. They allow for people to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement, and I love that. Thank you again for all of your kind words!

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