Garden Party

This Mother’s Day was one for the memory books. I rose early for some quiet time with my hubby.  I sipped coffee while he made homemade cinnamon rolls that he and the girls were planning to serve to me later. When the girls awoke, the wild rumpus started (Oh Maurice Sendak, you will forever be remembered.) There were cards, there was frosting, and there were the most precious video cards that the girls and Tyler had worked on the day before, complete with costumed princesses, fairies and singing. It was a wonderful start to a fabulous day!

When the noon hour arrived, so did our entire family for our first annual Mother’s Day Garden Party. The kids played the day away in the playhouse, entertained us with their musical instruments, and then rounded out the day in the kiddie pool. The adults enjoyed rhubarb bellinis (yet another favorite Jamie Oliver recipe of mine taken from this cookbook), some tasty food, and of course, great company.

On the food docket for the day was pulled pork that I slow roasted for fifteen hours the day before, served with two different barbeque sauces my hubby made that morning. We also enjoyed rhubarb squares (the recipe can be found in this post), a mojito cake made from a Pampered Chef recipe I love to bust out when the weather gets nice, and coconut macaroons that I found a recipe for in Taproot magazine. All of our guests also brought dishes to pass including salad made with home-grown lettuce, and mushroom crustini’s made with locally grown mushrooms and bread baked by nuns in an area convent.

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but again, I hope that all of the mothers out there had a wonderful day on Sunday. We are all so lucky to be able to tend to our children each and every day. Even though some days can be rough, and we may want to just take a momma’s time out, it is comforting to know there are a plethora of other moms out there giving it their all.  Thank you for reading this blog, for your comments, and your thoughts.  It is a true blessing.

3 thoughts on “Garden Party

  1. YOU are a true blessing!! Love reading your blogs!! I too had a wonderful Mother’s Day minus both my kids who are still away at school. Our dinner sounded quite a bit like yours. My hubby slaved away all morning while I was at work. He made 2 racks of ribs slow cooked with homemade barbecue sauce, 2 whole butterflied chickens on the grill, Rum punch(tasted so yummy after working that morning) and for dessert he made a layered Banana Cake and Strawberry Waffle Truffle Dessert. I felt so lucky and blessed. I had my parents, my sister & brother in law and my mother-in law as well. Truly blessed with a wonderful supportive husband. Forgot to mention that I received two beautiful cards with gifts in the mail the prior day from by absent children! Thanks for your uplifting blogs and insight… them!

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