Reading and Soapmaking and Gardening, Oh My!

Last week my husband was in a very minor (thank goodness!) fender bender, so I had to bring the car in this week to get repaired.  This left the girls and I without a vehicle for two days and I must admit that it was a wonderful couple of days!

While sequestered we had the most marvelous of times!  We read a ton, made a few more kinds of soap, and worked a great deal in the garden.  It was wonderful to know how much fun we could have, without ever leaving the comfort of our little home.


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6 Responses to Reading and Soapmaking and Gardening, Oh My!

  1. Jacki says:

    What’s the flowering thing coming out of the large leaves(rhubarb plant?) I have never seen anything flowering like that, was it rhubarb?!?

    • Yes it is a rhubarb plant…I’ve never seen a rhubarb plant flower like this either. I got it from a farmer at a farmer’s market last year and planted it in my perennial bed. It is very interesting that is for sure.

  2. Becky says:

    Those soaps look so neat! I would love to try soap making.

  3. kansasqueen says:

    Your soaps are beautiful.

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