A Quick Escape

With all that life placed before us this summer, we had yet to take any sort of a trip as a family.  It was important to me that we have at least one small excursion before summer slipped from our grasp.  This past weekend we were gifted with the ability to make a quick escape from our routine and visit the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Although the trip was just one full day, we were able to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary, visit a distillery and brewery we had never before visited, and spend some quiet time in a beautiful bistro while chatting and drinking lots of lattes and hot chocolate.  Who could ask for more?

IMG_0730IMG_0732IMG_0725IMG_0723 IMG_0719

IMG_0729It is with a full heart that I head into this week, trying to hold on a bit longer to the summer, but also looking forward to the adventures that fall will surely bring.

I wish you a beautiful start to your week, friends.

One thought on “A Quick Escape

  1. So happy that you were able to escape….even for just the day. We all need that once in awhile! It does seem like summer is on its way out but Im sure there will still be plenty more days of warmth and sunshine before the coolness sets in. Im sure you are anxious to start the school year with the girls this year….how beautiful is that going to be!!

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