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From the time I was young, my mom always encouraged me to be my own person.  Not to be afraid of what others thought of me, but to instead dare to be the person I believed I was meant to be.  As I mentioned in this recent post, over the last several years I lost a bit of this independent spirit.  More often than not, I began to do what I thought was acceptable by the majority, rather than doing what my gut was telling me.

Recently, while attending a presentation by Joel Salatin, he said, “If everyone else is doing it, I would tell you to do the exact opposite.”  These words stirred something deep within me.  Am I doing what I truly believe is best, or am I just moving with the current and doing what everyone else is doing?  I began to feel this pull deep within me to not fear being different, but to instead embrace those “differences” and run with them.

Homeschooling is something I have had on my heart and mind since my eldest daughter began kindergarten.  I never actually considered it a real option because it existed so far outside the realm of my daily life.  The people by whom I surrounded myself would never consider homeschooling, and being a teacher by trade, I faced a great deal of skepticism and resistance any time I brought up the topic with other educators.

But I believe God places people and circumstances before us which can aide us in the making of very tough decisions.  I believe He is the one that gives us that feeling deep in our gut, telling us what is best.  It is just up to us whether or not we want to pay attention to Him.  I believe He placed me in my teaching role at Cathedral of St. Peter School the past year and a half to build my confidence in two subjects I often feared.  I believe He surrounded me with other educators who were open to non-traditional means of education if it best meets the needs of the child.  And I believe He gave me two girls, who like me when I was young, appear eager to try something different and new.  And with all of this in my back pocket, I decided to follow that feeling deep down inside of me, and embark upon the road less traveled by, and homeschool my girls this fall.

Now I don’t want to pretend that this decision was met with rosy eagerness by all, because that would be a very false statement.  However, throughout this summer I have been working to find fabulous homeschooling resources and create a space that fosters a positive experience for my girls.  And it is in the creation of this space that I feel confident to move forward in this new endeavor.


8 thoughts on “This Space

  1. So happy for you following your heart and doing what You want to do. The space looks fabulous, you did an awesome job. I love the saying on the wall—Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever!!! So true!!!!! 💜

  2. This is so awesome, Jaime! I think you are doing the right thing and am so happy for you and the girls! LOVE the learning space and that quote above the chalkboard!!

  3. Jamie … You are a wonderful inspiration to all young moms! I believe your heart is telling you to do the best thing for your family! Your mom did a wonderful job teaching you and Megan to soar like the Eagles. If It feels right for you do it! Parenting from the heart is the best! God Bless you and your family! your Guardian Angel Mom is sitting right in your fence watching you and your dad!!

  4. Mrs. Fagan-
    Although you were only my English/modern media teacher briefly while at Rantoul High School, you made a huge impact on my love for writing, photography, and reading. You always had a different approach that seemed helped me think outside the box. I have no doubt you will find moments of reassurance in homeschooling, but I hope you take this as one of them! Your passion is real and your girls are very lucky to have someone as dedicated as you! Good luck this year!

    • Oh Alli, Thank you so much for your very kind, kind words. It is students like you that are the reason I had such a hard time deciding whether or not to homeschool. I treasured the relationships I was able to create with my students, and (hopefully) have a positive impact on their future. I hope you are well! Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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