A Quick Escape

With all that life placed before us this summer, we had yet to take any sort of a trip as a family.  It was important to me that we have at least one small excursion before summer slipped from our grasp.  This past weekend we were gifted with the ability to make a quick escape from our routine and visit the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Although the trip was just one full day, we were able to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary, visit a distillery and brewery we had never before visited, and spend some quiet time in a beautiful bistro while chatting and drinking lots of lattes and hot chocolate.  Who could ask for more?

IMG_0730IMG_0732IMG_0725IMG_0723 IMG_0719

IMG_0729It is with a full heart that I head into this week, trying to hold on a bit longer to the summer, but also looking forward to the adventures that fall will surely bring.

I wish you a beautiful start to your week, friends.