Dash to the Finish


Every year it happens.  The mad dash to get anything and everything in the garden harvested and indoors before temperatures dip below freezing for the first time of the year.

That day came on Monday, when the evening’s forecasted low was 27 degrees.  So, I spent my day entangled amongst the tomato and cucumber vines, and bending over the multiple herbs remaining in the herb garden.  Each year I say I will do this all sooner, so I’m not rushed come late fall when cold temperatures are eminent.  But each year I find myself in this position, racing against time.

But I must say, I’m growing to enjoy this dash to the finish line.  Because at this time of year, when I’m weary of harvesting, canning, freezing and drying, I see ahead of me a time of rest.  A time spent nestled inside, surrounded by projects and crafts.  It is at this time of year I am grateful to live in an area where we experience all four seasons.  When there is a natural break, and a chance to rest and recharge for the next growing season.  This time of rest is so close now.  I feel the subtle pull inward, and I cannot wait to embrace all that it has to offer me in the days, weeks and months to come.


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