The Boy

The Fagan house had been pet-free since its creation.  You could often hear us saying, “No pets for us.  Pets just aren’t our thing.  Who really wants an animal living with them?  I mean, it’s an animal.  Yuck.”  Well.  Huh.  Let’s just say, that has changed.  Significantly.

I have talked about some of our pets in this space, and others have gone unmentioned.  But what is important for you to understand is this:  1.  We now have a lot of pets, all of whom have been adopted in the last year.  2.  Up until Saturday morning around nine o’clock, my husband had been surrounded by three human females, and a multitude of gal pals in creature form.


Enter Pickles.  The first boy to grace our residence, and join Daddy in the ranks of male Fagans.

Now, Pickles may not look particularly manly, but this little guy has stolen my girls’ hearts for sure.  Welcome.

IMG_4636 IMG_4638IMG_4643 IMG_4651 IMG_4653

One thought on “The Boy

  1. Oh BOY!!! Glad to hear daddy has another male in the family!! Pickles is adorable!! Love his colors…..he kinda matches Rajah!! I gave in to two rabbits instead of one because my kids couldn’t decide on one! Good luck!

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