Late June Garden Update

Sorry for the late post this morning folks, but it is just the most beautiful day here in good ole’ Rockford, Illinois and we have been making the most of this greatness.  But for the moment my four year old is busy playing with some paper dolls here on the deck (my oldest is at nature camp this week), so I have a spare minute  to share a bit of our garden progress for this week.

Now, you may notice that all of the garden pictures for this week are close ups.  Well, that is because it is not just the fruits and veggies growing fabulously this week, but also the weeds.  Oh boy.  Words can’t quite describe the weed-growing action we’ve got here.  So, only pretty close ups of the veg, and we will just avoid those unsightly photos of the weeds.  Sound good?  We will just pretend for the moment those weeds just don’t exist 🙂

IMG_2726 IMG_2729 IMG_2734 IMG_2736 IMG_2740 IMG_2742 IMG_2743 IMG_2746 IMG_2752

I hope you are all enjoying this day, no matter where you are.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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