Winter Pastime


Well, if you can believe it, my family has found itself in the midst of yet another run with the flu.  My youngest, who never got the brunt of the flu the first go-round, got slammed with it full go this week.  Poor baby.

So, yet again, we have stayed close to home, passing the time near the fire, with those activities that make home-time so much fun.





I did get in a bit of sewing while my little one napped this past week.  I made this jumper for each of my gals.  I’ve been referring to it as my first “real” outfit I’ve ever sewn 🙂  It is Butterick 3772.  I would highly recommend it if you are a novice sewer like myself.  It went together very nicely and fit the girls really well.


I hope all of you find yourselves enjoying your time indoors this winter as well!

One thought on “Winter Pastime

  1. Hope you guys are through with the sickness and on the mend! Love Addie’s haircut! Rajah looks like she is keeping warm inside too. ❤

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