Some Christmas Sewing


As I mentioned last week, my Singer has been calling my name lately.  I’ve found myself nestled in front of the sewing machine more and more, busy creating some goodies for the holidays that are so quickly approaching.

The first item I’ve completed this week is a felt garland for our homemade Christmas tree.  (We have one Christmas tree in our home, specifically designated to house all of the homemade ornaments the girls have crafted over the years.  It is one of my favorite spots in our house right now.)  I actually got the idea for the garland from my daughter’s piano teacher.  And the best ideas are always “borrowed” from others, right? Thank you Ms. Nelson for the fabulous idea!

IMG_6331 IMG_6327

I am also working on our annual Christmas jammies for the girls.  I’ve completed one pair of pants so far, but I think I’m most excited for what I have next in the works…a sleep hat.  My little four year old requested a snuggly hat she can sleep in.  So the PJs are coming first, with a matching “sleep hat” to follow.  More on this to come 🙂

IMG_6339 IMG_6340

What are you making for the holidays this year?  Feel free to share your homemade project ideas in the comment section so that others may become inspired by your craftiness.

Winter Sewing


My sewing machine spent it’s summer and fall days collecting a nice little layer of dust in my basement.  I never really felt overly drawn to it during those months.  I’m guessing because my time and attention focused on all of the outside work that needed to be done, and sewing never really seemed to fit with that particular rhythm.

But now all of that has changed.  It’s darker earlier, it’s colder outside, and it’s time to begin sewing again.  I have quite the stack of projects in the works, because I couldn’t decide on just one project to start.  It all seemed so fun!  I have forced myself to get a bit more organized in the past few days, and I’ve now completed a pair of nice flannel night gowns for my two favorite gals.  My little ones much prefer to wear night gowns than any other form of pajama, and I’m happy to oblige.  For is there anything cuter than a little girl snuggled up in a warm comfy night gown?  I cannot think of anything better.

Winter Pastime


Well, if you can believe it, my family has found itself in the midst of yet another run with the flu.  My youngest, who never got the brunt of the flu the first go-round, got slammed with it full go this week.  Poor baby.

So, yet again, we have stayed close to home, passing the time near the fire, with those activities that make home-time so much fun.





I did get in a bit of sewing while my little one napped this past week.  I made this jumper for each of my gals.  I’ve been referring to it as my first “real” outfit I’ve ever sewn 🙂  It is Butterick 3772.  I would highly recommend it if you are a novice sewer like myself.  It went together very nicely and fit the girls really well.


I hope all of you find yourselves enjoying your time indoors this winter as well!