At This Moment

At this moment I am…

~thrilled that it appears we will have a bit of a raspberry crop this year after all.

~watching two pajama-clad girls running around the yard on this beautiful morning.

~proud of myself for overcoming some major fears this past weekend in The Warrior Dash.

~tearful about Wednesday, the day my oldest baby will head off to all-day kindergarten.

~saddened that this week marks the end of summer.

~getting that itch for fall and everything that comes with it:  leaves, apple cider, football and woolens.

~excited to pick the next piece for my book club 🙂  I’m thinking of choosing this one…One of my top three favorite books of all time.

~thankful for a lovely afternoon yesterday with a wonderful group of women and their families.

~wishing you all a wonderful week filled with fabulous memories!

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