New Chapter

And so today on this crisp, cool, beautiful morning, my oldest darling girl began a new chapter of her life.  It was with tearful eyes and a heavy heart that I sent my little girl off to kindergarten.  Although I stood by trying to sequester the sobs wanting to escape my lips, my five-year old waved to me with an I’m-never-looking-back smile on her face, turned on her heel, and walked through the doors of the school.  I stood there frozen, with images of a tiny baby lying next to me in bed in the early morning, with bits of sunlight dancing on her face.  How did that tiny baby grow up so fast, ready to begin her school years so quickly?

A part of me feels like this detachment is so unnatural at such an early age in life.  But my teacher-self knows that this is what is best for her.  She yearns for school.  For the challenges, the friends and the fun.  And although I have found myself struggling within my own head today, questioning whether or not this is what is truly best for my little one, deep down I know that it is. So today I offer forth my most encouraging thoughts to my precious, sweet girl.

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