Fun with Fungi

Here in the Fagan house, we LOVE mushrooms.  Because of our love of this delicious treat, we have tried our hand at growing mushrooms multiple times with limited to no success.

But, it appears the tides have turned.  And it all began with a roll of toilet paper.

My brother-in-law surprised my three year old (perhaps the largest fungi fan in the house…seriously!) with a very creative birthday present:  A TeePee Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit from Fungi Perfecti.

Since we had attempted mushroom growing in the past with limited luck, I was skeptical to begin the process again.  But low and behold…it worked!  We now have beautiful PINK oyster mushrooms, growing out of a roll of toilet paper!

I would highly recommend trying this project with young kids (and let’s be honest…big kids too).  It was so interested to learn about the entire growing process of fungi, and then to watch the mushrooms grow (and grow VERY quickly) right in front of their eyes.

{We took step by step pictures of the entire growing process.  Enjoy! }

{After three weeks in a dark cabinet.}

{After sitting in the fridge for 2 days to start the fruiting process, we then let it sit on the table in our dining room and after 2 days this is what happened.}

One thought on “Fun with Fungi

  1. I’m NOT a mushroom fan…sorry!! This looks really cool though and sounds interesting to watch grow. The end looks like a weird fancy cake with neat flower decorations on it!!

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