Berry Pickin’

This past weekend the whole Fagan crew was out in full force, making our way through the wild black raspberry brambles.  There was picking’, snacking’ and laughin’ going on all afternoon.  It was perfect.

The little ones really got into the entire process this year and picked for quite a while before they retired to the cool pool that awaited them just a hop, skip and a jump away.  So while the little ones swam with Grandma, the rest of us slowly made our way up the property line, continuously amazed by what the earth was providing for us.  These brambles were not planted here, but rather sprung up from the earth as a form of nourishment to those animals and people in the vicinity.

The day was of course an absolute blast, but I found myself often pausing to think of all that the earth continues to provide for us.  It is a true miracle that so often times is overlooked because of our fast paced lives and our constant desire for more.  This day gave me a chance to just sit back and marvel, to not be overcome with the craziness of our world, and just enjoy some good ole berry picking’ 🙂

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