This Week

This week I will remember…

~eating fresh asparagus from our garden…in March!

~listening to local farmers speak so passionately about being stewards of the land.

~tiny hands cutting fruits and vegetables.

~sweating, while in a sleeveless shirt, pulling weeds in my garden…again, in March!

~bird song drifting through my windows.

~raspberry green sun tea.

~eating outdoors for the majority of our meals this week.

~sharing a meal with my family at an amazing restaurant that serves delicious local food. Yum!

~searching for a great new read.

~my girls, sitting in their own petite rocking chairs, reading books for over an hour.

~exciting new changes coming about for our family.

I hope all of you had a great week!  Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I’m very happy to find your blog! Spring has been absolutely lovely so far in my neck of the woods, and it sounds like it has been in yours, too!

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