Yesterday we embarked upon a new adventure in our household:  the girls made dinner!  From start to finish (with a little help from Mom with some knife skills and boiling water), they created and prepared our entire evening meal.

The three of us girls went to our local natural foods store and I told them they could pick out anything they wanted to use in their dishes for dinner.  What seemed like a very random combination of items to me, ended up turning out just great!  Yet another example of what goes on in those little minds of theirs.

On my two-year old chef’s menu was a fruit salad with watermelon, kiwi, apples and blueberries with a homemade raspberry lime dressing (recipe courtesy of her big sis).

And on my five-year old chef’s menu was a spinach salad with apples and kiwi and a homemade raspberry lime dressing.  (She created the recipe for this dressing completely on her own.  In the store she told me she needed to buy limes to use as the acid with the olive oil in her dressing.  A smart cookie this one is!)  And the main course was her all time favorite:  angel hair pasta with pasture butter sauce.

5 thoughts on “Completely

  1. Oh my gosh jaim, HOW are they old enought to cook dinner?! how did that happen?! i remember reading ramona quimby, age 8…and ramona makes dinner for her family in it and i asked my mom when i could make dinner and she told me when i’m 8! haha! what fun! can’t wait to see you guys on sat!

  2. I just figured out this whole thing and signed up for the updates. I love seeing all of you-almost like being there!

    Aunt Linda

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