Brew and Moo


The mercury had risen just a touch, but enough to make it bearable outside.  The snow fell lightly upon the ground, leaving a white dusting on the roofs of houses and the paved roadways.  This past weekend we took full advantage of this beauty.  I kept the kitchen warm with the stovetop all abustle, and the smell of warm milk in the air.  Meanwhile, my hubby could be found in the nearby garage, reading and mixing his brew with the aromas of hops pouring forth into the crisp air outside.  The girls frolicked in the snow, while the cat sat perched in a tree, taking in all the action.



My oldest daughter and I used our favorite cheese kit and made two pounds of fresh mozzarella cheese.  (You can check out our previous cheesemaking experience here.)  For the first time, I allowed her to truly assist me by slowly stirring the curd and then stretching it, adding salt, and then forming it into small balls of deliciousness.  The best part of the entire experience was when this six year-old, who normally only likes “cooked cheese,”  took a ball of fresh mozzarella and bit in.  She said, “Well, I only like cheese that I make.  That’s the only kind I’ll eat.”  Love.

IMG_0252 IMG_0254 IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_0260

The holidays left us empty handed in the home-brew department, so my husband brewed three fresh batches this weekend.  He tried out a new brewing kit, and then made two tried and true favorites…a caramel creme ale and a fabulous breakfast stout.




The finished products of the day:  beer, cheese and a bit of hot chocolate of course.  Is there anything better?  Yum!

IMG_0294 IMG_0301


Yesterday we embarked upon a new adventure in our household:  the girls made dinner!  From start to finish (with a little help from Mom with some knife skills and boiling water), they created and prepared our entire evening meal.

The three of us girls went to our local natural foods store and I told them they could pick out anything they wanted to use in their dishes for dinner.  What seemed like a very random combination of items to me, ended up turning out just great!  Yet another example of what goes on in those little minds of theirs.

On my two-year old chef’s menu was a fruit salad with watermelon, kiwi, apples and blueberries with a homemade raspberry lime dressing (recipe courtesy of her big sis).

And on my five-year old chef’s menu was a spinach salad with apples and kiwi and a homemade raspberry lime dressing.  (She created the recipe for this dressing completely on her own.  In the store she told me she needed to buy limes to use as the acid with the olive oil in her dressing.  A smart cookie this one is!)  And the main course was her all time favorite:  angel hair pasta with pasture butter sauce.