The Library


With the school year now in full swing, my girls needed a bit of space for all of that reading and writing goodness coming their way.  And to be perfectly honest with all of you, mama needed a bit of cleaning and organizing to take place for fear that soon the entire house would become over run with toys.  So, we decided to move a great many toys to the basement playroom, and move a whole lot of books into the upstairs playroom…creating ourselves our very own library.  Complete with comfy reading chairs and all.

IMG_4795 IMG_4658 IMG_4657

I must say, this space has become a new fav in our house.  From reading books while nestled in their most-beloved chairs, to practicing math problems on their very own chalkboard, these girls are all set for many months of learning fun.  And the best part of it all, is that not a single dollar was spent.  Just a little elbow grease and strong lifting here, a touch of shuffling and organizing there, accented with just a tiny bit of creativity and we were all set.  Now that makes this mama very, very happy.

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