An Unscheduled Monday


It is not often that I find myself rising to a completely unscheduled day, let alone an unschedule Monday.  To be perfectly honest, there is something magical about it.  The most astonishing aspect of it all is that I was able to awake earlier than I have in nearly a month, feeling rested and refreshed.  (Isn’t that just so strange really…on those mornings when you don’t have to wake up, you seem ready to take on the day more than ever?  Like Thursday, my daughters’ first day of summer break, when they woke up at 5:30 am.  Oh boy.)

So, as I sit here with my mug filled with wonderful coffee goodness, looking out upon the garden sprinkled with the first rays of morning sunlight, I am thinking of all of you out there, about to begin your Mondays as well.  May your day, and the rest of this week, be filled with many blessings.

Happy Monday all!

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