This morning I am so very grateful for…

~brightly colored tulips dotting our flower beds.

~the scent of fresh coffee steeping in my french press.

~kindergarten-sized hands planting seeds in rich soil.

~ballet and tap shoes strewn across the floor, mixed with some lovely pink feathers, in preparation for an upcoming dance recital.

~the Nadig family and the crew at Eikman’s Processing, and the delicious pork our family is now able to eat throughout this year.

~four garden beds beginning to sprout with life. (I’m just choosing the ignore the other 13 beds that are filled with dandelions and soil untouched since November. Ahem.)

~evenings spent discussing Nick, and Daisy, and Gatbsy…oh my!…with my husband, in preparation for The Great Gatsby movie release Friday.

~family who live close enough to spend Sunday with in celebration of Mother’s Day.

~only three more weeks until both of my babies are done with school for the summer! (How did the year go so fast?  Oh my.)

~the peanut butter cookies I am about to bake…and eat for breakfast 🙂

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