This past week, I was so fortunate to spend a great deal of time behind the lens to document four days of outdoor fun, crafting, and most importantly, family.  My husband’s cousins from Idaho came to visit and our whole family gathered at my in-laws’ home for an amazingly wonderful time.

The kids spent their days crafting with Grandma Mimi and playing outside, while the adults enjoyed one another’s company, laughed, and cut down some trees.  I mean really, what family gathering is complete without a little chain-saw action?


As we move into Thanksgiving week, I am reminded of what really matters in life.  It is not the objects one possess, the clothes one wears, or how much money one has in the bank.  Instead, it is family and the health and well-being of those closest to us that truly matters.

I will surely go into this next week with gratitude in my heart for the family I have in my life.

I wish you and yours the most blessed of Thanksgiving weeks!

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