When we moved back to Rockford (the hometown of both myself and my husband) four years ago this July, we pledged to make the move “worth it.”  You see, we adored living in Champaign.  We loved living in a city that is home to a major university, and all that comes with it.  We loved our teaching jobs, our students and our co-workers.  We loved our home, our neighbors and our neighborhood.  But the longing we both felt for our families far outweighed all of that.

We told ourselves that if we moved away from this fabulous city in order to be closer to our families, we must make every attempt to see our families, and see them often.  Although all of us have busy schedules, and it can often feel overwhelming to squeeze in time with everyone, we are so, so, so happy to be home.

Our summer “Tuesday Night Dinner” tradition is one we truly love and it makes us so very thankful for how full our lives are.  Full of family.  Full of love.  And always full of laughter 🙂

One thought on “Family

  1. Such an awesome tradition!! Family is so important and makes life more valuable being able to create memories for the little ones~! They will always remember all the fun they had on Tuesday nights with the family! Looks like Rajah is fitting in well with the girls!

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