Monkey See

Isn’t it amazing how our little ones emulate everything it is that we do?  We may not notice they are doing it, but suddenly they will say or do something and I will find myself wondering, “Do I actually do/say that?” These little ones are like tiny sponges, taking in everything in their environment, then processing it and putting it back out there into the world.

I try to remember this on those days when I reach the height of frustration.  I try to keep in mind, no matter how very, very difficult it is at the time, that the little ones are watching, always examining how momma is acting and reacting in certain situations.  This is a hard thing to do I tell you.  To constantly be aware of your actions because a tiny person is right there ready to pick it up and copy you.

While I sometimes grow weary when I think on this topic too often, I am also encouraged when I see my little ones going about their daily tasks, mirroring my actions in their play.  It restores my faith in the fact that while they do seem to pick up on everything, inclusive to that everything is the good.  And for that, I am most grateful.

One thought on “Monkey See

  1. Love the baby in the snuggie while she is hanging laundry!! Oh, do I remember all the times I did things holding a baby………good times to remember!

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