Some Garden Bling


We, like most in the country right now, are experiencing a major cold snap right now.  At times like this, it is so hard to imagine that there was a time when our gardens were in bloom, with produce overflowing from baskets resting in the sunlight.  Those days of growth and warmth seem so far away at this moment.  My family seemed to need a reminder that our time on this Earth is one of rhythm and cycles, and we will once again be back to those times of basking in the warm embrace of spring and summer days.

My girls were given wonderful stepping stone kits for Christmas, so we decided crafting those stones would be a perfect little reminder of the garden goodness to come in only a few short months.

Once completed, the stones were placed in our three-season room that is now filled with empty pots filled with remnants of frozen soil.  But we are already imagining the day when those pots are moved outside and filled with the plants that will add beauty and sustenance to our lives.  And our little stepping stones will add just that extra little touch of garden glam that every growing space needs.

IMG_6542 IMG_6546 IMG_6548 IMG_6554

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