An Answer


If you are a regular visitor to this space, you know that on Fridays I normally post a kairos moment.  Today, instead of capturing this moment in a photograph, I would like to share with you a different sort of kairos moment.

When I left teaching three and a half years ago, I exited the profession for the simple fact that I wanted to be home with my girls.  I have always felt teaching is a vocation for me, rather than simply a job, and it is a vocation I truly love.

As my youngest nears the age when she will begin kindergarten, and enrolled in school all day, I have been at odds with myself as to what to do when this next step in our lives rolls around.  I found myself fighting this internal battle about educating my girls.  I adore teaching, and I want to teach them.  It just seemed so unnatural to me that I would drop my two little ones off at one school, and I then drive across town and teach an entirely different group of students all day long.

My interior conflict waged on…Do I homeschool the girls so that I can directly educate them each and every day?  Do I not go back to teaching full time and just sub in the school where my girls attend?  Do I just bite the bullet and drop the girls off each day and head to another teaching job?  This debate went on and on.  It consumed my thoughts by day, and the differing scenarios played out in my dreams at night.  Each evening I prayed that God would  give me some sort of small indication of what I should do.  What am I ultimately called to do as a teacher?

My answer came to me, not wrapped up in a perfect box, but one that came up rather suddenly.  One that will take hard work, drive, and a whole lot of energy.  Although what lies ahead of me will be a challenge, I am ready to face it head on because I am fully confident that this is what God is calling me to do.  I am called to teach. Teach my girls.  At the school in which they attend.

Today I begin a new chapter of my life as the junior high math and science teacher at Cathedral of St. Peter School.  Today I will drive to school with both of my girls, see them in passing in the halls, and drive home with them in the afternoon.  I will educate their schoolmates, and in a few years they too will sit in those seats, in my classroom, where I will have the chance to educate them for three whole years, in a setting that I absolutely adore and feel that I belong.

3 thoughts on “An Answer

  1. We are all so happy for you ! And as a parent we are so proud….You are a great educator Jaime, and it is truly a joy to do a job that you so enjoy! Good luck in this new adventure:)

  2. That is so awesome! It must have been a really hard decision but It sounds like you had your calling. Best of luck to you on this new venture!

  3. Thank you so much for making this decision. I know you are making a sacrifice, that of time that could be spent with your preschooler. God bless you.

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