The last day of our vacation was not one that I will soon forget.  I woke up early to find both of my little ones sitting silently in the cabin, waiting for Mommy, Daddy and Great Grandma to wake up.  They were so, so, so quiet.  That alone was truly amazing…ha 🙂

That morning Grandma had a wonderful idea.  She was wondering if we would join her on a little day trip, about an hour and a half further north, to visit Lake Superior.  I have never seen this Great Lake, nor have my girls, so we were game.  And oh my goodness was it ever a surprise!  It was absolutely breathtaking.  So far as I would venture to say one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my lifetime.

We parked at Little Girl’s Point County Park, the park in which my husband’s grandmother use to take her children vacationing once a year when they were young. We walked along the beach for over two hours collecting rocks, sculpting little projects out of the clay dripping down from the embankment, and dipping our feet in the crisp, cool water.  What a fabulous adventure!

2 thoughts on “Superior

  1. Thank you so much for writing about your adventure here. I am considering a trip to that area to collect rocks on the beach. The pictures you posted are beautiful.

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