What I will remember about this week:

~Our first sprouts peeking out from the soil.

~The pitter patter of tiny feet running on hardwood floors.

~My husband brewing beer outside in 30 degree temperatures…and wearing shorts.

~My two little girls shedding their coats in a local greenhouse and then dancing in the middle of the perennial flower section.

~My eldest, with her petite red nose, sitting at the kitchen table breathing in the vapors of lemon ginger tea, hoping the steam will help her sniffles.

~The sounds of childhood wonder spilling into the hallway as my little ones are fully engrossed in their imaginative play.

~My tiny two-year old, donning a bear hat and pink leotard, attempting to skip around the skipping circle at her weekly dance lesson.

~Having an “Oh La La Beauty Day” with my girls, soaking our feet in our newly made lavender bath salts.

~My youngest, with hands on hips, observing the living room of my sister’s house and saying, “I like this place.  It so, so cool!”  (Even though she has visited hundreds of times…ha!)

~The girls, in their PJs, sitting at their picnic table enjoying the 60 degree day while Daddy grills out.

~Looking out my kitchen window, noticing the snow is now fully melted, and knowing that spring is right around the corner.

Yes, this week was one of greatness.  I hope your week was filled with wonderful memories as well!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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