Our Solstice Celebration


My mom always use to say that December 21st was her favorite day of the year because after it, each day gets a bit longer.  For years now, I have wanted to have a winter solstice celebration, but crazy schedules around the holidays always  seemed to get in the way.  However, this year it seemed as if  a solstice celebration was something of a necessity for me.  I yearned for it as a reminder to myself that no matter how dark and lonely this holiday season may seem because of my mom’s passing, each day will be filled with a bit more light.  And I pray that some day that light will help fill this cavernous void of today with new life and hope.

Wishing each of you much love and light this season.

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1 Response to Our Solstice Celebration

  1. em says:

    Jaime- How awesome is that to have a bonfire in December! Aunt Jone is so proud!

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