An Afternoon Project

As we prepared to begin our homeschooling adventure last week, I needed to do some pretty hefty cleaning and organizing.  Our crafting space in our basement needed some extra special attention because it had gotten a bit out of control over the course of the last two years.  (Yes, I am sad to say this is how long it had been since I organized this space.  And maybe how long it had been since I had cleaned it too.  Ooops.)

Anyway, while organizing my hovel, I found a ton of scrap fabric that was just asking to be used for something quick and fun.  So I pulled out one of my favorite crafting books, The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule and her husband Stephen Soule, and got to work on the handkerchief pattern.  I love using this pattern to make cloth napkins so as to not contribute more waste to the landfills with paper napkins, and it also helps me to get rid of lots of scrap fabric.  It’s a win win.

IMG_0969 IMG_0972 IMG_0973

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