A World All Her Own

Whenever I look at my little ones, I marvel at the imagination coursing through their tiny minds.  “What are they thinking right at this moment?” I ask myself multiple times throughout the day.  I often wish that I could go back to that time, when perception is broad and the possibilities are completely and utterly endless.  Anything is possible.

While my oldest was away at camp yesterday, I took some extra time to simply sit back and observe my tiny three year old daughter.  I heard clinking sounds echoing down the hallway, so I followed the sound to find this beautiful girl, decked out in a mermaid costume.  When I entered the room she didn’t know I was there.  She just continued to tinker way in “her” kitchen, picking up various utensils, humming and speaking quietly to herself in the lilting tones of a young child.

After a bit of time passed, she noticed me standing in the threshold.  She looked at me with beaming eyes, held out a kettle and said, “Mommy, I am making egg pie with blueberries and lemon.  It is going to be soooo yummy!”

Yes, yummy indeed my little one.  Such imagination.  Such creativity.  Such a precious being standing right in front of my eyes, in a world all her own.

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