On the Cusp

Today I began my last semester of homeschooling. And it is so bittersweet.

I have deeply loved the past 8 years spent homeschooling my girls. I will always cherish the memories of snuggles on the couch while reading our favorite books; the science experiments reeking havoc in the kitchen; the hikes through the woods to our favorite picnic spot; afternoons spent covered in paint and glitter, watching projects take shape. 

Of course, our years did not go without struggle. Lows. Times when I questioned if what I was doing was best. Periods where there was resistance. Doubt. Anger.

But now, as this chapter of our lives comes to close, I find myself allowing those challenging times to illuminate just how wonderful the good days were. 

For without the dark, we cannot truly appreciate the light. 

And I choose to remember this era of our lives as a bright moment in our family’s history.

As I prepare to close this portion of my story, a new chapter is on the cusp of emergence. 

And I cannot wait ✨

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