The world is a lot right now. I have begun to feel the dark thread weaving itself into my mind, attempting to tether me to the chaos, doubt and disease of this moment in history. Each news broadcast. Every swipe through social media. All of it leaves me feeling the pull of the thread strengthening, threatening to bind me to the abyss of negativity.

I sat with these thoughts this morning. Let them rest in my mind, acknowledging their existence, then deciding to abandon the binding holding me to the night and instead choosing to look into the light of day. I left my phone, that device often threatening my ability to lean into brightness, resting in my bag for the day. No news. No social media. No hum of electronic connectivity.

This afternoon I found myself in a favorite spot. Sunlight streaming through the newly bare tree branches. Pebbles and sticks crunching beneath my feet. The unseasonably warm breeze whisking over my skin. The tumble of the river traveling rapidly downstream. My mind quieting.

Then from out of this quiet came a hum. A different hum. No longer the hum of electricity, but rather the soft whisper of natural connection. The connection to Earth on a cellular level. The vibrations within the atoms of my body aligning with that of Mother Earth.

Here I will sit awhile. In this space. Feeling this thrum of connection.

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