Autumn Bounty

Last night marked the beginning of a new day at the Fagan abode.  We harvested our first batch of arugula from our fall garden.  In honor of this great day, I made a dinner filled with garden fresh produce, and I must say it earned rave reviews from the entire family.

Our meal consisted of a bed of organic pasta (not homemade I’m afraid to say 😦 ), topped with local sausage, the last of our tomato harvest, regional feta cheese, and finished with a large handful of the peppery arugula from our brand-new garden beds.  I dressed the entire dish with a drizzle of organic olive oil, a splash of aged balsamic, and a bit of sea salt.  Yummy.

Wowie Wow Wow!

These are the words my five year old daughter uttered when she woke up Wednesday morning and realized that the day had finally arrived…the day of the first farmer’s market of 2012!

Even though the weather threatened storms, it held off long enough for us to make an appearance.  It was truly wonderful to reconnect with those farming families we hadn’t seen since the end of October.  We had a chance to chat, catch up with one another, and discuss this year’s harvest.  This is why I love going to the market.  There are true relationships formed when you interact directly with the person who grows your food. We grow a large majority of our own food, but we still attend the market each week to interact with others in our community. To feel a part of something real.

We left the market with a tote full of rhubarb (we cannot harvest ours until next year), local honey and some delicious brick oven pizza.  Who could ask for a better morning? 🙂