String Art

I have been thinking deeply lately about the notion of creating.  In a world of increasing destruction and devastation, the simple act of creating something, creating anything really, is cathartic.

At our homeschool co-op I teach a writing and an art class.  Looking upon my students yesterday while they wrote, while they constructed, while they created, I was reminded of the deep power that lies within creation.  Bringing something to life that did not exist before is profoundly powerful.  Whether you decide to sit down and color in a coloring book with your toddler, doodle a poem on a cocktail napkin, or intricately knit a quilt, the act of creating holds great magnitude.  I truly believe that in creating we help to spread a bit of positive energy and love into the world.  And honestly, I think we could use a bit of both right now.

So, this weekend I encourage you to create.  Whether it is a gourmet meal for your family, or a cute little stick figure on the back of your grocery list…create something.  Create anything.  Use this as a chance to shrug off just a bit of the negativity that often weighs heavily upon our shoulders.  Create.  Release.  Repeat.

Happy weekend, friends.



As I so often say in this space, Thanksgiving through the New Year is my favorite time of the year.  I love the decedent foods that warm your soul, the many adornments that work to embellish even the most drab of locales, and the melodies that seem to interweave their way into my thoughts.  But most of all, I cherish the quality time spent in celebration with family and friends that this time of year brings to our lives.

This Thanksgiving was a true celebration of family, which was a much welcomed change over last year’s cold and flu-filled Thanksgiving celebration.  And I must say, my favorite part of the day was the spontaneous dance party that broke out in the garage while our frogmore stew was cooking away.

Here is a peak into our weekend of celebrating…

IMG_6176IMG_6174IMG_6170IMG_6183 IMG_6197 IMG_6199 IMG_6205 IMG_6207 IMG_6254 IMG_6257 IMG_6260 IMG_6245 IMG_6229

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a very happy Monday!

Wild Abandon


Why is it that so often we as adults feel swept up by our to-do lists, errands and the like?  Recently, it has seemed that my life is whizzing by in one quick to-do-list blink.

But it was when I observed my two little ones over the weekend, that I yearned for the wild abandon they seem to live their lives by.  It awakened in me something that had been held down by all those things I thought I had to do.  But, in all reality, do I really need to get all those items crossed of my list?  Do I really need to get all the laundry done?  (I mean let’s face it…It is never really done is it?)

So, with that, I have decided to try my best to live a little bit more like my girls.  With at least a hint of that wild abandon they embody on a daily basis, and a bit more mindfulness, I venture into the rest of this week.

I hope all of you can find some carefree freedom as you move throughout this week.