At This Moment

At this moment I am…

~glancing out my kitchen window at the garden and all of the weeds that need to be picked today.

~preparing for yet another garden extension after being inspired at this past weekend’s Heritage Garden Festival.  (Check out this link:  Our family was photographed for our local newspaper when we were attending the festival 🙂 )

~mustering up some motivation to do quite a bit of laundry today.  The pile seems extremely tall and overwhelming on this Monday morning.

~thankful for the crisp morning air.  Something we have not felt in a very, very long time.

~planning activities for the last few weeks of summer.  Where did it go?

~priming the kitchen for a day of tomato sauce making.  Our tomatoes are coming out in full force right now.

~wishing you all a wonderful week filled with fabulous memories!