Sorry for being away for a few days longer than normal this weekend, but my hubby and I took a long weekend to relax, recharge and reconnect.  Despite the fact it didn’t seem like the trip was needed, once we got on the road and the distance between us and our home lengthened, we realized that indeed this trip was necessary.  It is so easy to get caught up (and let’s face it, sometimes bogged down) by the day to day.  It was extremely refreshing to take a break from the normal hum drum of our daily lives and just be at peace for a bit.

Now, when normal people go to exotic places to get away, my hubby and I went back to Champaign, Illinois…the place where we went to school, the place we lived and worked for five years of our adult lives, and the place where we started our family.  There was a lot of walking, dining and just plain hanging out.  It was divine 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely week!

At This Moment

At this moment I am…

~missing my five year old who has ventured off to summer camp for the day.

~devouring multiple books all at once.  I just can’t seem to get enough summer reading!

~planning our menu for our first “Tuesday Night Dinner” that we hold each week in the summer months.

~looking forward to a fun evening this Saturday when my husband and I treat his clients to a lovely evening of local food and nectarous wine.

~surveying the garden that is full of new growth and potential.

~indulging in a devine cup of coffee made with my new french press that my hubby got me for Mother’s Day.

~acquainting myself with my new computer.

~wishing you all a lovely week!

A Little Something Homemade

Now that summer is upon us, it seems that the sun is just soaking up all of that lovely moisture in our skin.  I recently found a great recipe for homemade lotion that contains only five ingredients, and they are all readily available.  The best part about this lotion is that you can incorporate various flowers and herbs that you have growing right in your backyard.

The recipe can be found in this book and it is so easy to make that the girls and I were able to whip it up in no time yesterday.  The scent we tried this time is lavender vanilla patchouli, and we are really happy with the result.  We have also made lavender and lavender rosemary and all have turned out great!  (Can you tell we have a lot of lavender in our garden? 🙂 )