In Gratitude


Awhile back, I use to post trinkets of thanks each week.  I felt that in expressing my gratitude I was able to put positive vibes out into the atmosphere, and illustrate that it is often those seemingly minuscule or insignificant items or events that end up constructing a full life.

So, after a four year hiatus, on this 13th day of April, I am so very grateful for…

~a new computer and refreshed space in which I can write.

~Apple Support and their aid when this non-techy gal tried to set up the above mentioned computer. Whew.

~my seven year old, who led me through on the of the best yoga sessions of my life.

~this new book by Ashley English, and the fabulous recipes it contains.  Many of these recipes are sure to find themselves on my kitchen table in the very new future.

~a freshly mulched garden. (And yes, that is a glass of wine on the fencepost.  One needs some mode of relief from the back pain of hauling said mulch, right?)

~several days with family this upcoming weekend—sure to be filled with farmer’s markets and swimming, farm-fresh food and tasty cocktails, laughter and tears.

My Pause


Good morning, friends.  This space has been quiet for a few weeks, and I do apologize for that.  I felt a pull in my life to take pause and just focus on the two precious little girls within my care, and kind of let all else go for a few weeks.

Around the time that my oldest turned seven, I realized my time home with both of them is nearing it’s end, and I needed to just take a step back and absorb all that my little girls bring into my life.  Isn’t it strange how we go through each day, so consumed with menial tasks, and then lay down to sleep in the evening wondering where the time has gone?  On one such evening, I placed my head upon my pillow and thought to myself, “Soon both of the girls will be in school all day, and I will not have the ability to snuggle in bed in the middle of the day and read stories for hours with them, or go for a walk with them when the sun is at its highest.  I want to create wonderful memories of my girls.  I want to remember the way their voices sound as they waft up the stairs while they play dress up.  I want to commit to memory the way their little hands hold a crayon as they create their very own works of art.  I want to pause and truly remember the stories they weave together so brilliantly.”

So, I’ve got to say, my house is an absolute mess, the laundry is piled a mile high in the basement, and the counters are strewn with all sorts of paperwork. But, the moments I have encapsulated in my mind can never be erased.

And now I am so excited to be back in this space with all of you, sharing what we have been up to, as we move into our most loved of all seasons.

Happy Wednesday!