Spring Break Baby

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We just wrapped up Spring Break, and what an adventure it was.  We first traveled to Madison, Wisconsin where we visited with family, celebrated and gave thanks over yummy food, and even squeezed in a bit of pool time.  We then ventured back to the Northwoods for some quiet time with my husband’s grandparents.  Nature in all her glory surrounded us up there.  We were lucky enough to see a bald eagle and many, many, many deer.  Oh my.

We returned home to lawns completely cleared of snow, a garden in desperate need of some TLC, and four whole days of break remaining!  So, we strapped on our new garden boots and set to work.  I had forgotten how much I missed being outside…just “in” it…you know.  It was just fabulous.

I hope this Monday has been wonderful for all of you so far, and may you all have a lovely week!

A Bit of Math and Science


I am subbing in the junior high at my daughter’s school this week.  In math and science.  Oh boy.  Thank goodness for this marvelous snow day!  It’s allowing my English-major self some time to brush up on endotherms, greatest common factor and transversal lines 🙂

Join me on Friday for my “Kairos” moment from this week.  I hope you are all safe and warm wherever you find yourself on this early March day!

At This Moment


At this moment I am…

~glancing out my kitchen window, as the snow blows sideways across our yard.

~snacking on a bit of left over pumpkin tiramisu.  The recipe for this fabulous dessert can be found in A Year of Pies.  Yum!

~organizing volunteers for our church’s Friday Lenten Fish Fry.  Join us if you are able…It is always such fun!

~enjoying warm coffee roasted by JavaMania Gourmet Coffee Roastery…one of my favorite local coffee roasters.

~supervising another burlap project, repurposing coffee bags from the lovely people at JavaMania.  More on this activity in a few days.

~crafting a few new woolens to bring along on a winter hiking trip we plan to take in the very near future.

~beginning a new book, The Nature Principle by Richard Louv.  I have already enjoyed another of his works, The Last Child In The Woods, and hope to be enthralled with this read as well.

~wishing you a wonderful week!