Winter Sewing


My sewing machine spent it’s summer and fall days collecting a nice little layer of dust in my basement.  I never really felt overly drawn to it during those months.  I’m guessing because my time and attention focused on all of the outside work that needed to be done, and sewing never really seemed to fit with that particular rhythm.

But now all of that has changed.  It’s darker earlier, it’s colder outside, and it’s time to begin sewing again.  I have quite the stack of projects in the works, because I couldn’t decide on just one project to start.  It all seemed so fun!  I have forced myself to get a bit more organized in the past few days, and I’ve now completed a pair of nice flannel night gowns for my two favorite gals.  My little ones much prefer to wear night gowns than any other form of pajama, and I’m happy to oblige.  For is there anything cuter than a little girl snuggled up in a warm comfy night gown?  I cannot think of anything better.

Spring Sewing

IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1499

I can feel it.  Spring weather is on its way.  It has surely been slow in coming, but I think it is just around the corner.  For that reason, I tucked myself in behind my sewing machine to craft some Spring goodies for my girls.  Using vintage fabric I found at a thrift store, I made a slightly adjusted version of Butterick B5757 for my oldest daughter.

IMG_1440 IMG_1441

And then I made a mini-verson of the maxi dress from this wonderful blog for my youngest.  I kid you not, both of these pieces took under 30 minutes total time to sew.  This mama has got to make a few more of these quick projects to finish off the girls’ spring wardrobes.

Something For Mama

I have been getting the itch to sew a bit again, so late last week I decided to make a little something for myself.  Since my sewing skills are by no means fabulous, I settled on a Butterick Fast and Easy pattern, B5757 to be exact.  The pattern is for a long skirt, but I decided to shorten it up a bit to make it a little more conducive for these scorching days we have been having of late.

As you can see, my little mermaid decided to set up her ironing board and iron a bit with mama and keep me company 🙂  The finished product turned out to be a comfy skirt, perfect for playing in the back yard and hitting up the farmers market.